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If you buy OK.ru Group Followers in a high number of friends, Followers, and walls, which raise the attention of regular users of Odnoklassniki, your service will be manually promoted with significant campaigns to the top and made more popular.

Buy OK.ru Group Followers-Features

  1. Order range: 1000 to 70000.
  2. Your Link – Example (https://ok.ru/groups/217893272) is required.
  3. Daily Rate: 200–1000 Followers (With a large volume faster).
  4. Delivery starts within 0-3 hours.
  5. 100% Safe, Guaranteed, and Refill.
  6. You must make your group (profile) Public.
  7. We always deliver more than what you ordered.
  8. Price for 1000 is shown here (15$ for 1000 Followers).



What products and services do we provide OK.ru?

We make a lot of effort to support your OK.ru Group expansion. You are therefore protected by our 30-day refill guarantee! means that if your followers drop, our server will automatically reload them. So, you have to feel free to buy OK.ru group followers from here.

It has been thoroughly cleaned simply to test it out. We advise you to start off with a smaller quantity and work your way up to a larger fan profile with any amount of audience more than one million that you can purchase via us.

using our service within 30 days of making the initial purchase. For us, the connection is more important than the transaction. You have a full 30 days to give it a try RISK-FREE and are completely protected.


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