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Buy only real ICO-targeted members on Telegram! Each individual group member is a genuine human being who has joined the group. We won’t accept any fake or automated members.

Buying Group members, Promotesocialmedia.net networking service for Telegram channel subscribers, & marketing with the best method & most affordable costs available. For your marketing, we run ads across many platforms. So, we ensured that the members were authentic.

Buy Telegram Members-Features

  1. For Channels And Groups.
  2. Start in 0-24H or instantly.
  3. Daily speed testing up to 5K+ at a rate of up to 15K per time.
  4. Min-10K per time is suggested.
  5. Continual Refill.
  6. Please provide the group URL, for instance: https://t.me/Your Group ID.
  7. Link to be entered: https://t.me/Your Channel ID, for instance.
  8. Price displayed here is for 1,000 Members (18$ for 1,000 Members)



Why do you have to Buy Telegram Members?

In South Korea, France, America, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Russia, Uzbekistan, and France, Telegram is particularly well-liked.

The majority of enterprises nowadays, including bitcoin, businesses, and fun, have channels or groups on Telegram.

We all anticipated that users would create a large number of channels and groups based on various topics when the option to create a channel or group was provided to the Telegram application.

Although there are 400 million active users on Telegram, it takes time to organically engage and attract members of Telegram channels or groups.

There might not be much time for this in your company. Fortunately, you can now buy your way to hundreds or thousands of new Telegram subscribers.

Increasing the number of people in your Telegram group or channel can help you establish your brand more quickly, attract attention, and develop your Telegram channel.

Additionally, followers attract other followers.


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